Bangkok: The Adult Playground

Bangkok: The Adult Playground

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Bangkok.. The ‘Adult playground of this world’, well it’s a well deserved title to call this wonderful place, but it is really more to it, Bangkok is simply amazing place for a holiday destination to see something ‘different’ than western culture. This place is full of the endless opportunities for relaxing, leave the everyday stress behind and have a peak into the truly mesmerising, unique nightlife scenes, but on the other hand for people who are interested to see Thai culture and it’s fairytale kind buildings, it can bring even more fun and it’s definitely worth to explore in the daytime just as much as in the night.

Whilst everyone coming here for fun and to enjoy their time, it’s have to be noted, how important to respect Thai culture and their manners while on holiday, Thai people show great respect to all ‘farang’ and they greatly appreciate if they treated with respectful manners too, just saying as a tip, the real fun only starts when the locals got to know you by treating them with respect, these people can show you around in the city and they truly now how to have fun and what to show. Similarly escort companions, whilst their great at their job and know how to make you happy, if they treated well, they surely make your time unforgettable and one of a life time experience.

When choosing a hotel/accommodation it’s important to consider if the property guest friendly or not, the main difference between them is a guest friendly hotel won’t charge you extra pennies for bringing guests back with you but more importantly won’t cause you any unwanted situations, although there is a little very simple loophole which can be played with not guest friendly hotels too, which is to simply make the booking for 2 guests, but still respect the properties and their rules to avoid unpleasant situations.

Also there is plenty ‘budget friendly’ places which offer accommodation for short time as on a walk in basis.

For budget friendly, good locationed hotels we recommend the followings:

Boss Suites Nana Hotel – about 4-5 minutes walk only from Nana Plaza so right in the heart of the night scene but surprisingly quiet place, very good for long time staying and for resting but on the other hand extremely close to night time activities.

Ibis Bangkok Nana Hotel is also a good choice for guest friendly hotel, which is a bit more on the medium price side, but there are no problems bringing companions to the room.
The Dawin Hotel again a good choice, bit on the medium priced side too.

By the way it’s often worthy to try out Agoda to book hotels in Thailand as even though the other booking sites like or Expedia has price match guarantee, they unlikely to offer the best price and often Agoda offers special deals which make the booking cheaper or more worthy.

In the next few posts we will include places to visit in Bangkok, places that serves the best food and alternatives for transport and other services, the application called Grab which can be pretty amazing for not faint hearted people who want to get a motorbike ride to get from A to B or simply don’t want go out to eat.

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